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Public versus private

Sometimes a word has more than one meaning. I’m not talking about words that sound similar but have completely different meanings. Like: peak/peek/pique and discreet/discrete are my favourite examples of those instances. I mean when a word has a different meaning to the reader or listener to the writer or person uttering the word. It’s […]

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What Elaine nearly did next – the business idea I nearly explored before Web Content Partners

 Would you have backed me? On 20 August 2008, I sent a proposal for a business I called CloudCouch to the organisers of the Enterprise Platform Programme at Waterford Institute of Technology. I think I was a bit ahead of my time. The recession hadn’t officially hit, but I personally was feeling it Think back to 2008 […]

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Social media research to be unveiled in Dublin

Ever wonder what effect social media has on you or your business? Be careful what you post because a framework that accurately identifies sick individuals from the content of online communication will be presented at an upcoming social media conference. International social media research findings The framework will be evaluated based on a large Twitter dataset […]