Developing a habit – blogging regularly

Blogging is something that many people have a mental block about actually doing. Still, they invest heavily in the concept. They invest time in talking and blogging about starting one; they are kept awake into the wee hours thinking about topics they could write about, if only they had the time; and they spend valuable […]

Is Twitter down?

If Google or Gmail or Bing or Skype or any of the big names weren’t working, people would be tweeting about it. Now that it seems Twitter is down, where do we go for the breaking news. I went straight to Google, Clicked on News, clicked on last hour and sorted by date. it was […]

Inseperable: excellent design and excellent content

Reading is something I do a lot. At times, I just scan over the content of a broadsheet, a magazine, an e-mail newsletter or an online news website. Other times, I read every word in detail. Or, words jump out at me. I love seeing how different words can be used in different situations, or […]

To be a reporter or not to be

I see that the two men kidnapped in Somalia ( had checked into the hotel they were kidnapped from as reporters. They were, in fact, security experts. I know that being a journalist can give one some safety in difficult regions, but at the same time it is one of the most dangerous professions in […]

Social networking for business

Okay, this topic has been talked about to death, but still I have decided to proceed with a 10-minute lesson on the topic. I’ll be delivering the lesson to a group of seven people on Saturday morning at Waterford Institute of Technology, as my final assessment for the Certificate in Practical Teaching Skills for Adult […]