Have you experimented with your content?

Writing content once is difficult enough for most organisations, never mind two or three or more times. Experimenting with content is something Google wants people to do to make better websites. And as a result and Google Analytics users will see an Experiments tab under the Content tab over coming months.

Google Analytics content experiments

This will allow website editors to:

  • upload three different types of content to their site
  • add details of these in Google Analytics
  • choose the percentage of visitors who will see an alternative content description
  • add code to the site
  • review the conversion rates of visitors to the three different types of content

Speedier process

For organisations already doing A/B testing with e-commerce product descriptions this, according to Google, will make that job easier and faster.

Conversions wake up call

For those doing nothing – it is a reminder that the return on the investment of experimenting with written content is the chance to increase conversions.

Increased opportunity for designers and developers

It will require more tech expertise than the average content editor may have/have access to on a site. It includes inserting code – there are two options DIY or email your webmaster – meaning extra revenue generating opportunities for many a designer or developer.

Get your content ready

Here’s a video explaining it all. Why not start creating that extra content so you’re ready to go once this feature is rolled out?