Can you write a blog on your iPhone?

You bet! Is the simple answer to that. You don’t need a writing desk at all.

Have you ever looked at anyone waiting anywhere for anything?

Whether it’s a queue in the post office or the doctor’s waiting room many of us will have our heads stuck in our smartphone (not forgetting Android as well as iPhones of course!)

Catching a few minutes here and there can be enough to help you piece together a blog post without feeling it is an hour snatched from your already oversubscribed schedule.

Move your notes shortcut to your home screen

Want to be able to whip out your phone and start typing? Make notes easy to access from the moment you unlock your phone.

List ideas for articles

Keep a list of ideas either in notes or a productivity app like Wunderlist.

Create a note with one idea

Have an idea? Save it on its own page and start typing on that note whenever you get time and inspiration.

Check autocorrect

Never trust words written on a phone with autocorrect before proofreading quickly. It could be embarrassing.

Click done or save

Don’t risk losing work. Click done or save frequently if typing a lot.

Know how to transfer your text

Send your text to your email for example so you can edit the text on your computer. Or copy and paste into your email or directly into mobile CMS for a blog.

Take photos

Looking for cheap stock imagery? Use the world around you to take photos you can use in your blog posts.

Check everything

Punctuation, spelling and grammar are not put the window just because you are on a device you can text on.

Where do you store your blog and article ideas?

Moments of inspiration can be fleeting.

When you’re the ideas person in your company responsible for editorial calendars for the blog or news section or the social media calendar, capturing those ideas is just as important as actually writing about them.

If you don’t have ideas, you don’t have material to write about.

Our blog posts may be intermittent but that’s not thanks to a lack of ideas. All our ideas are neatly recorded for when we want to use them. How do we do this?

The back of a beermat doesn’t really cut it these days, but one thing I always have with me is my phone. It’s a smartphone and one of the apps I’ve downloaded helps me record these ideas very easily.

I was introduced to Wunderlist last year by productivity coach Claire Burge of Get Organised and one of the unexpected uses for it has been recording ideas for articles and blog posts quickly.

I have it as an iPhone app, an iPad app, a Windows app on my PC and laptop and I can also access it from any browser. The instructions below refer to capturing ideas on-the-go from the Wunderlist iPhone app, which you obviously have to download first (don’t worry it’s free)

How it works

  • Tap the Wunderlist app on your phone and start typing into the ‘add an item’ field
  • Click Next on the keypad and your idea is stored in your inbox
That’s it, your idea is stored and you can go back to whatever you were doing beforehand and come back to the idea when you need to.

Have a little more time?

  • Open the menu
  • Click on your Blog ideas list (or whatever you call your list for this purpose)
  •  Start typing into the ‘add an item’ field
  • Click Next on the keypad and your idea is stored in the correct list
You can also set reminders and deadlines against Wunderlist entries and also include subtasks. Once you have each task/item completed you check the box beside it and that’s it, it is completed.

Inspired by other pieces of content?

If you find inspiration in other people’s writing you can use ‘Add to Wunderlist’ for clippings from content to links. It’s all explained over on the Wunderlist blog.

Lacking in inspiration?

Here’s an end-f-blog-post call to action for you. Get us to deliver your ideas to you. You can write the piece if you want but we’ll give you the ingredients.