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Inseperable: excellent design and excellent content

Reading is something I do a lot. At times, I just scan over the content of a broadsheet, a magazine, an e-mail newsletter or an online news website. Other times, I read every word in detail. Or, words jump out at me. I love seeing how different words can be used in different situations, or […]

To be a reporter or not to be

I see that the two men kidnapped in Somalia (http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2009/0715/breaking33.htm) had checked into the hotel they were kidnapped from as reporters. They were, in fact, security experts. I know that being a journalist can give one some safety in difficult regions, but at the same time it is one of the most dangerous professions in […]

Social networking for business

Okay, this topic has been talked about to death, but still I have decided to proceed with a 10-minute lesson on the topic. I’ll be delivering the lesson to a group of seven people on Saturday morning at Waterford Institute of Technology, as my final assessment for the Certificate in Practical Teaching Skills for Adult […]

The power of persuasive advertising

About a week ago, tired of my laptop slowing up and Internet Explorer crashing etc, I decided to do things like Defrag and delete unused programs and realising I only have 15% capacity left, bought an extrenal hard drive. One of the programs I removed was Google Chrome. I like messaging my friends on Gmail […]

The beginning

Today, for about the 35th time, I am trying to start a blog. Here we hope to see some regular musings on my new career of choice: web content.