Press release template

Have you ever wondered how to write a press release?


Well here’s a template for you. And here’s some general advice on how to write a press release.

Press Release

For immediate release or you can write embargo Monday 7am if it’s something that you would prefer would not be announced until then



Interesting headline here that is relevant to the information on the release


First paragraphs should lay out exactly what is happening, where and what the main points of interest are.

Separate paragraphs nicely like this using about 11 or 12 point text in Microsoft Word. Each paragraph should make a point and if you need to use bullet points you can to list certain items such as products or services or survey findings or key points. This is really adequate enough length for one paragraph.

Ms Jo Bloggs, general manager of XYZ Adventure Activities said: “Nice little quote here that actually says something of substance so it can be easily reused in an article. It’s handy to put in Ms, Mrs, Miss or Mr if a name is one that doesn’t strike us as definitely male or female.”

Also include the title of the person you are quoting so that we know whether they are the founder, owner, manager, co-founder, director and so on. It’s important that you give the right details.

You can go over one page. But remember the journalist won’t have much time to read it so it is important to have your press release to the point.

Note for editors/additional information:

The company was founded in 19XY etc etc.

Any online presence such as a website or Facebook page can be good to add. If you write the website like the reader will be able to link straight to it by clicking on it. If you write just a person won’t be able to click on the website from within your email.

For further information contact:

Name, title, company


Tel: and Mobile:

Images available from:

Why not set up a Flickr account or Dropbox folder and allow editors to download photos from there?