Small coin pinched by a small peg.

Don’t make me download

I’m on my phone. Browsing of course, not talking.

Somehow a link to what seems to be a really interesting event or festival distracts me. Blah blah blah festival runs from 12th-17th of Never. I will be in that city then. Yay.

Oh noes. What exactly is on that’d I’d like to see/do? I hope there’s something really great the morning I’m free. Now where’s the listing of times?

And then as I scroll through the lovely responsive mobile website I see it. Download the programme. I scroll up and down and click on the hamburger menu. No, no other option to find out what’s on only download.

Having updated the website of an event called The Kennedy Summer School this year, I know an awful lot of time goes into not only creating an actual events page on the website of an event, but also individual event pages. It’s not as much time as goes into the design of the physical programme for that year. But it’s time somebody has to do.

And unfortunately, in my travails around the web in the last few weeks, I have been offered no choice by a couple of event websites other than to download the programme.

On mobile, I want to see a listings page, click on what suits me and copy this link into a tweet, text message or Facebook post, or perhaps even a Whatsapp to share with friends. What I am effectively doing for an event organiser is converting one ticket into five, or even more.

So now that you’ve signed off your beautiful physical brochure is there any chance you’d give us web people simple text with details of each event and then a link to that individual event’s precise details. Thanks.

When you’re planning your social media posts you can then send out a tweet for example to that individual event mentioning a speaker or participant’s Twitter handle. They in turn can tweet out details themselves to their fanbase/followers. Don’t pinch the pennies on this one. It will pay for itself.