Tracing your content

Where does your content come from?

The work we do is labour intensive. Labour costs money if you’re going to pay for it.

We pay our writers. Some other content businesses don’t.

To quote an article about novel writing from The Guardian

The Huffington Post was sold to AOL for $315 m., but the writers who supply “content” are not paid. In old-fashioned terms, this is pure exploitation. It is as if a multinational refused to pay its staff, explaining that their rewards lay in all the attention from clients, the opportunity to enhance their “profile” as an office worker.

So I ask you this who gets paid hot your content? Who you pay and whether anyone actually gets paid for writing it are different things.

Does your content marketing provider use a HuffPo model? Or the unpaid intern model?

And where does integrity and balance come into play?

And quality? Just some thoughts!