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Social media research to be unveiled in Dublin

Ever wonder what effect social media has on you or your business? Be careful what you post because a framework that accurately identifies sick individuals from the content of online communication will be presented at an upcoming social media conference.

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The framework will be evaluated based on a large Twitter dataset and is just one of many interesting pieces of social media research that will be on the menu at the International AAAI Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM).

Taking place from 4-7 June 2012, ICWSM conference papers cover research areas such as:

  • the advancement of techniques to extract, summarize, and detect information from social streams
  • understanding phenomena in society by how they are reflected in and shaped by social media
  • an analysis of the YouTube social network will show how it differs from traditional social networking sites but bears some resemblance to Twitter in terms of its network properties
  • research on behaviour change over time online, to revisit notions of the digital divide, and to show that user attributes may be inferred from browsing histories and potentially used for ad targeting
  • a method that can identify experts in social question-and-answer sites through evolutionary pattern detection

Future of social media

The event is organised by the Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI), which is based at NUI Galway.

According to the General Chair, Dr John Breslin of DERI hints of whatever the future may hold for online social media are sure to be embedded in this year’s topically-diverse set of research papers.

Talks include topics such as:

  • the first year of Google+
  • the Information Life of Social
  • Why Facebook Won’t Get You Any More Friends from Professor Robin Dunbar,the originator of Dunbar’s number, a theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. (148 by the way).

Tickets for Wednesday’s industry event

Thanks to Enterprise Ireland, I will be attending an industry and commercialisation event on Wednesday afternoon. Designed to bring delegates from local and international industry and academia together, only 50 tickets have been made available to the public. (Reserve a place by emailing icwsm12@aaai.org and pay the €50 registration fee onsite.)

The keynote speaker is Igor Perisic, the Senior Director of Engineering at LinkedIn.

‘I Want to (Net)work with You, But I Don’t Know What/Where/Who You Are’ is the aptly titled first panel at this business networking and enterprise collaboration event. Speakers from Datahug, IBM and Cisco will feature.

‘News Generation and Consumption through Social Media’ is next up with speakers from C-SPAN; Storyful; NewsWhip; The Irish Times; and The Guardian.

Follow online

For further information visit www.icwsm.org. Definitely follow the #icwsm hashtag on Twitter to be ahead of the curve on social media. The twitter account for the event is here: @ICWSM.

If you’re a conference organiser here’s a piece I wrote for a client site last year on keeping conference delegates up to date using Twitter and hashtags.

Here’s some real data and a graph on Twitter interactions in the run up to the conference on The Social Media Research Foundation NodeXL GraphGallery.