Checklist for creating crap content

If you want to make your content unprofessional, amateur and for the most unreadable please read on:

  • Uppercase the first letter or indeed all letters in a word because you think it denotes importance
  • Mix up your colons (:) and semi colons (;)
  • Put two spaces after a full stop
  • Use the ampersand (&) in the middle of a sentence instead of the word and
  • Don’t bother to put a full stop at the end of your sentence
  • Don’t hyphenate words when you should
  • Use plural when referring to a company (you should write it rather than they)
  • Get the names of people, products or places wrong
  • Use too many (or any) exclamation marks
  • Misspell

Warning: following the above guidelines are not advised unless you want your boss to hire in pros because the content you’re creating is ruining the company’s professional reputation.