Have a Facebook page? Maybe it’s time to help businesses who don’t.


Messing around on Facebook lately I stumbled upon Facebook Places Editor. It invited me to contribute details for places in my town, New Ross. I think it’s a great idea.

It highlighted a number of places that people are checking into. However, the businesses in question don’t seem to be embracing Facebook, if they do have a Facebook page they don’t have it linked to Facebook Places. While it’s not my place to say what they should or shouldn’t be doing, it’s a pity there isn’t more awareness about the benefits.

You can visit our Facebook page at Facebook.com/webcontent. We’ve also merged our page with our Facebook Places entry so if you’re visiting make sure and check in!

If you have a Facebook page and you have a business that people could check into e.g. retail, hospitality, services, you should look into linking the two by reading Facebook’s easy to follow step-by-step guidelines on How do I create a new Place?