Does ‘brand journalism’ have a part to play in your digital marketing strategy?

We often get approached by clients to write articles or blog posts for them that they can share in ezines or on social media.

Having an original piece of material to share that’s hosted on your blog, resources or news section that’s of interest to your target audience is a great way to bring people back to your site.Roy Takeno reading paper in front of office (LOC)

Bringing in the professionals

Having material that’s produced by a professional team can really make a difference. Face it, while the world is full of highly talented bloggers, not every organisation can spare the right individual to produce interesting pieces as well as managing their own workload.

So what’s this about brand journalism then? Well, recently we came across a post on the PR Warrior blog referring to a talk given by media thinker Brian Solis at the end of October. The blog post went on to mention Cisco’s new news site ‘The Network‘, and other examples of brand journalism.

Creating content people want to share

And then we read a quote from Solis: “It’s about making something so interesting it’s shareable.”

Here at Web Content Partners that’s exactly what we do. We use editors, journalists and sub-editors to create brand journalism for clients. We create content that’s relevant to their target audience and is shareable via ezines and social media. We ensure it’s of quality too – using that three-step system of editor-journalist-sub-editor which has been used in the print media forever.

Our ‘brand journalism’ portfolio

Examples of our work over the past two years include:

  • Articles for which are shared regularly through social media, the email newsletter and on the blog
  • Articles on animal welfare for which are shared on the blog and shared on Facebook
  • Four to five digital media-related news stories produced twice a month for a client’s ezine. These are hosted on their blog and also pushed out through social media
  • News pieces and blog posts for some Fáilte Ireland websites we work on
  • Articles on e-payments for the AIB Merchant Services website

What do you think of brand journalism? Is there room for it in a marketing strategy?