Trust with a capital T: a keyword in the copywriting process

Kilkenny castle, fantastic conference venue. That's a 13th century beam in a round tower #ciakk

T-shaped support holding up a 13th Century ceiling in a round tower. T is for trust.

Trust is the keyword in our business.

We know clients often choose to work with us because they don’t have the time or skills to write material for their websites in house.

Indeed many clients don’t even have the time to sign off on what we’ve written for them.

So where does trust come into all of this? Read more

Does ‘brand journalism’ have a part to play in your digital marketing strategy?

We often get approached by clients to write articles or blog posts for them that they can share in ezines or on social media.

Having an original piece of material to share that’s hosted on your blog, resources or news section that’s of interest to your target audience is a great way to bring people back to your site. Read more

Cropping and resizing

Imagine you’re back in primary school.

There’s some child-friendly glue, child friendly scissors, a scrapbook and a furrow across your brow as you so carefully try to cut a photo from a magazine or comic down to size to fit in with your collage.

Okay, I don’t remember doing that but maybe someone somewhere will and remember that’s what cropping a photo to size is. Read more