The Links Lark

Graffiti on a hoarding with the words Why Did I Write This?

For a good while now we’ve been thinking of doing something with some of the interesting stuff we find on Twitter every day. Things we favourite, star or bookmark to come back to later. So coming soon, we’ll be doing regular updates with a brief intro and link to some of the interesting sites, articles and social media accounts to follow. It’s just a small start to the planned changes we hope to introduce here over the coming months. We’re not copying anybody else. There are other blogs that have been doing this sort of thing for a long time, there are others that have introduced similar blogs recently. We wish we were flattering someone, honestly, through emulating their work. Call it synchronicity if you like, but we’ve just been coming up with our own ideas and agenda independently of others.

To start with is the above photo, taken by Elaine. This photo was taken on Grafton Street in Dublin where the graffiti artist had painted on hoarding. It really stuck out with the red on white. I find no humour in it, but it’s noticeable that the person has either chosen to purposely put a full stop at the end of their statement or accidentally done so. Either way, it makes it more of a statement rather than a question.

If you like graffiti, a documentary to check out is Exit Through the Gift Shop.

If you’re a Banksy fan, the BBC has some good pics of his latest work to hit LA in the run up to the Oscars.