Questions about the internet and having a web presence

What’s the most stupidest question you’ve heard (or been too afraid to ask) about websites or internet marketing?
Why we want to know is because we’re going to start a new series of articles on the blog soon based on these questions.
We’ll explain a topic in each article which will be based on interviews with people in the internet industry in Ireland. So fire over some questions! Comment here or email us or comment on Facebook:

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  1. Helen Cousins
    Helen Cousins says:

    There are a lot of misunderstood numbers in relation to web marketing and some people are sold a pup on the back of these numbers by unscrupulous / incompetent web developers & marketing folk. Explaining the meaning, difference between and value of: hits,visitors, unique visitors, impressions, click throughs, click through rates, bounce rates etc might be useful! Another topic could be to explain what a CMS is and why you should have one. And last one (for now) would be how to evaluate web development quotations and to ensure that one compares like with like – often there are huge extra charges for hosting, domain names and CMS buried off in the small print. But I don’t think there are stupid questions – only ones that you don’t know the answers to 🙂

  2. John Timmons
    John Timmons says:

    “Why is my website not number one in Google?” A brief/high level explanation of how search engines work and how the rate static versus dynamic content might be useful.

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