Have you checked your Facebook privacy settings?

About a year ago I went about making a list with 17 points on how to ensure your privacy on Facebook (see below).

Now I have just one: Have you checked your privacy settings lately? You better go check ’em because since Facebook made some changes to the privacy settings I’ve heard of people who assumed their profiles were completely private being not so private.

Here’s the original 17 points:

  1. Click at the top of the page, Friends.
  2. You will see a list at top left of page: Friend Lists.
  3. Not sure if Limited Profile is there or you create it, but go into it or create it and start adding people who are distant/not really in your life.
  4. Then on very top of page go to settings, there’ll be a drop down menu.
  5. Click Account settings.
  6. Go down to the fourth option: Privacy Controls. On the right hand side of that line will be manage in blue.
  7. Click on manage.
  8. Click on Profile.
  9. There is a range of dropdown menus, you can change what people see here, I’d recommend, friends, or friends of friends but never My Network – anyone in Ireland network can see your stuff.
  10. To be really selective about your privacy go into each drop down menu and click customise.
  11. There you get the option to choose who doesn’t see your stuff – ‘except these people’
  12. Rather than choosing a load of individuals make sure you have your Limited Profile or whatever list made up, type in that list name, and hey presto you’re on the way to privacy. You could even make up a list Schoolfreinds or People I don’t know that well or Professional contacts or whatever and stop them seeing silly drunken pics etc…
  13. Save Changes
  14. Click on the Privacy link towards top left of page.
  15. Now click on News Feed and Wall.
  16. Tick or untick whatever boxes you want to.
  17. Save changes.