Have you checked your Facebook privacy settings?

About a year ago I went about making a list with 17 points on how to ensure your privacy on Facebook (see below).

Now I have just one: Have you checked your privacy settings lately? You better go check ’em because since Facebook made some changes to the privacy settings I’ve heard of people who assumed their profiles were completely private being not so private.

Here’s the original 17 points:

  1. Click at the top of the page, Friends.
  2. You will see a list at top left of page: Friend Lists.
  3. Not sure if Limited Profile is there or you create it, but go into it or create it and start adding people who are distant/not really in your life.
  4. Then on very top of page go to settings, there’ll be a drop down menu.
  5. Click Account settings.
  6. Go down to the fourth option: Privacy Controls. On the right hand side of that line will be manage in blue.
  7. Click on manage.
  8. Click on Profile.
  9. There is a range of dropdown menus, you can change what people see here, I’d recommend, friends, or friends of friends but never My Network – anyone in Ireland network can see your stuff.
  10. To be really selective about your privacy go into each drop down menu and click customise.
  11. There you get the option to choose who doesn’t see your stuff – ‘except these people’
  12. Rather than choosing a load of individuals make sure you have your Limited Profile or whatever list made up, type in that list name, and hey presto you’re on the way to privacy. You could even make up a list Schoolfreinds or People I don’t know that well or Professional contacts or whatever and stop them seeing silly drunken pics etc…
  13. Save Changes
  14. Click on the Privacy link towards top left of page.
  15. Now click on News Feed and Wall.
  16. Tick or untick whatever boxes you want to.
  17. Save changes.

What areas of business can you write about?

In my line of work I come across all sorts of businesses and organisations. Large, small, long established, start-ups, all with one thing in common. They do not have the in-house skills or expertise or time to put together website content and digital and traditional marketing communications.

Something else they have in common, is the question: what areas of business can you write about? This question at first puzzled me, in my career as a journalist I have turned my hand to writing about all sorts of industries, organisations and business areas. I can write content for any type of business. How, you may ask?

It’s quite straightforward – my personal professional experience is as a journalist whereby articles are written through research, the helping hand of PR companies, and through the knowledge shared by interviewees. At Elaine Larkin Media, we take a similar approach to writing your website content or e-mail newsletters.

We research the business area and industry and get the key information from the company and suitable personnel. We distil this information and order it in such a way that it will be of interest to readers. That’s just part of our formula.

Our team of writers all have experience as journalists and editors, so you’re guaranteed a high level of service if you ask us to write your website content.

So back to the question in hand. We don’t have encylopaedic knowledge of every single business area, but we know how to source the information through research and thorough interviews. Keep that in mind, and get in touch if you think your website content is looking a bit tired or you need to engage a professional to source and write interesting news items for your website or e-mail newsletter.

Save lives, change your content

This post is fairly off topic. Nontheless, I’m going to talk about the thing that’s not at the tip of most people’s tongues in early January – cigarettes. Yes, I’m here to talk about giving up smoking.

Today, I was working from home and happened to have to work in front of the warmth of a coal fire (while office was cold and heating was being fixed). I also happened to be in front of a television, a television that was on.

On RTE’s The Afternoon Show they had a feature about giving up smoking and they have three people who are going to try and be quitters in front of a national audience. Fair dues.

So I started to look around at the websites that are there in the give up smoking space – big especially in early January and in the run up to Ash Wednesday and Lent.

Typing ‘give up smoking’ into Google, I noticed a few suggestions coming up in the Google Ads space. The first was a HSE site, the second from Nicorette, the third from Pfizer.

In the organic listings, the first was the HSE, the second was Allen Carr, the third a discussion on Boards.ie forum. Click on the magic pages from Ireland button and the results change ever so slightly, the HSE comes in first and second place, Allen Carr third.

These results, I think, are a good indication of how companies – no matter what their business is – should ensure they have really good organic content to get themselves higher up in Google. The HSE website is very comprehensive, they are trying to help people and give them lots of options and information compared to some of the other sites that are just trying to sell a product.

Sure, people do often need more than willpower to kick a habit, but they also need support and information. Keep this in mind when looking at your own website. Do you provide enough free help to people, enough resources, enough how tos, etc?

Start on a plan on how you can help others by improving your website content and see a return on investment. You may not save lives, but you may change them.


Here at Elaine Larkin Media, we’ve been open for business after the Christmas break since Monday, 4 January.

Due to inclement weather conditions we’ve been mostly working from home, but as the thaw continues we will be back in our new office in downtown New Ross before we know it.

The location of the New Ross ensures that we’re central to all the main urban centres in the South East of Ireland – we’re within an hour of Waterford, Kilkenny, Wexford, Carlow, Dungarvan, Clonmel, Enniscorthy and Gorey. We’re two hours from Cork and Dublin and we’ve high speed broadband ensuring no matter where in the world you are, we’re there for you.

Towards the end of 2009, we worked on developing content for a number of exciting re-designs of websites. When it comes to website content, we:

  • Write content based on information provided to us by clients – both written and verbal.
  • Rewrite existing content.
  • Ensure all content is consistent.
  • Include keywords, to help search engine optimisation of a website.
  • Write interesting blogs about the business or industry.
  • Write news stories about the business itself or the industry it is in for publication on the website and/or e-zine.
  • Edit client staff member blogs and communications to fit in with the overall feel of the website.
  • Develop and execute social media campaigns.

If you would like to improve the written content on your website, using one of the experienced copywriters and journalists from Elaine Larkin Media, get in touch today by e-mailing info@elainelarkinmedia.com.

If you’re still pondering over your New Year’s resolutions, ensure that one of your goals is to improve the content on your website, or develop an e-zine, using professionals.