Review of HP Photosmart Premium All-in-one

The HP Photosmart Premium All-in-one printer (and also scanner and copier) is wireless. Which is why I plonked it on the middle of the coffee table in the sittingroom for the Bank Holiday Weekend.

And from there I printed off photos to my heart’s content. And then I decided to turn on the laptop and I sat a bit away on the couch, printing off lovely 4×6 photos on the lovely glossy paper that comes in a pack.

How did I manage this? Well, I know it’s not an entirely new concept in printers, but the HP Photosmart Premium has a SD card slot for printing off photos straight from your camera, without even connecting up your computer. The brightly lit and easy to navigate touch screen on the printer makes it easy to flick through your photos and decide what you want to print off. A bit like what it must be like to use one of those in-store photo printing kiosks (I’ve never used one).

The official list of features on the HP Photosmart Premium All-in-one

  • Large Touchsmart screen
  • Wireless printing
  • View, edit & print photos without a computer
  • Archive, retrieve and print photos from
  • HP Quick Forms
  • Copy, scan and reprints from TouchSmart Screen
  • Printing from iPhone; phones etc via Bluetooth; Playstation 3
  • RRP of €199
  • Approx €30 for Photo Value Pack containing ink and glossy photo paper.

Click here for photos and video of this HP printer

Printing wirelessly from your laptop to printer is a joy, no bother with USB cables reaching from wherever you want to leave your printer and wherever you’re relaxing with your laptop.

All in all, I found the printing of photos a really easy and straightforward experience from my laptop and directly from the SD card.

What didn’t really work for me

However, a word of caution, the wireless set up required me to connect the laptop to the printer initially at set up, so some wired connectivity is required.

The printer also took a dislike to my SD card and photos that were appearing fine on my laptop were coming up as corrupt on the touchscreen and wouldn’t print. Some photos only partially printed direct from the SD card.

I don’t like the texture of the photo paper, but I’d get over that just to be able to share photos instantly – offline. For example, within seconds of receiving photos from Australia by e-mail, I was able to print out a pic of my best friend’s baby and put it up beside my screen for the day.

Features I couldn’t test

  1. iPhone I don’t have an iPhone, so I couldn’t try printing direct from that. I did try printing via Bluetooth from my Nokia E51 handset. Despite altering settings on both printer and phone it would only print on the normal paper, not the 6×4 photo glossy paper, which has a separate tray.
  2. Playstation I don’t have a Playstation 3 and doubt one will ever cross the front door, but cool for kids (even the grown up ones), I imagine.
  3. I don’t use HP’s for storing/printing photos online, I’m a Flickr kinda girl and Snapfish’s functionality let me down last year when trying to make calendars for Christmas presents (though it must be said, they are the best for designing calendars!)

Who’s it for?

  • Families/households that need to print from a variety of devices from kids on Playstations, teenagers with iPhones or iPod Touches, students with assignments, parents with printing needs, anybody who’s into photography.
  • Small office home office / people working from home who like to be able to press print from the comfort of the kitchen table without being tethered to the printer in their home office,  study or computer room.
  • People who want to print photos at home from SD cards but haven’t a clue about using a home computer.


  • If you already print a lot of photos from printing kiosks, your local pharmacy or online, it may be worthwhile weighing up the cost of that versus the cost of the printer and photo value packs.
  • If you have a bit of cash to spare, need a printer (or a printer even that scans and copies), and always mean to print off photos but never do, this is a good option.
  • If you’re tired of wires and have a number of devices from which you’d like to print either documents or photos wirelessly, this should be on your list.

I hope to post a blog soon about how the scanner and copier works on this machine. And see if I can find out more about Wireless radio and Bluetooth radio in its settings. How cool would a printer be that also worked as a DAB wireless radio!