Advantages of printing out digital photos

This weekend I’m trying out the new HP Photosmart Premium printer copier scanner.

It’s about time I brought some of my thousands of photos to the light of day, because lately I had a nightmarish experience with photos.

I properly moved over to digital camera use in 2004, but was an amateur photographic fanatic for about 15 years beforehand and photography as a hobby was something I was brought up, with my dad being an avid photographer.

Anyway, who cares about pre-digital photography – all my photos and negatives are relatively safe ( let’s hope I don’t jinx myself with a catastrophe of either rain or fire).

But the same cannot be said for my digital photography collection. Over the last few months I’d notice my 120-gig computer slowing down and realised I’d only a few gig free space. I deleted loads of documents and one day decided that I’d transfer ALL my photos – divided into folders by year and then event – to an external hard drive.

Great, until I then deleted the My Pictures folder from my PC to free up space. The folder on the external hard drive synced with it. Everything was gone, except the 2009 pics I’d left on my PC. There were no tears, but there was a lot of frustration.

To cut a long story short, I got an IT expert to get them back, but they’re no longer in order or indeed in folders. Sorting them is another day’s or even year’s work.

My unwillingness to go to the effort of printing off digital photos had resulted in my all-time fear – losing everything. I’d always feared this would occur through theft or burglary, but it was my own stupidity in not backing up stuff properly or cleverly, that resulted. And as I’m not one to run to the local photo printing kiosk with every new batch of 100+ photos I’d taken, I only have a handful of images printed out – through the online photo printers Photobox.

So today, I am really, really excited about getting some of my fave pics printed off with this new super cool HP Photosmart Premium printer.

I’ll be off to buy some suitable frames over the next few days too to show off these nice 6×4 prints that I’m expecting to print off.

Another thing is I have hundreds, possibly in the low thousands of photos taken on my travels in South East Asia and Australia in 2002/03 that are sitting in albums.

The beauty of the scanner being part of the printer is that in more or less one fell swoop I can scan and print beautiful landscapes of Australia.

Photos and video relating to my experience of using this printer will be uploaded to my Flickr account in due course.