Is Twitter down?

If Google or Gmail or Bing or Skype or any of the big names weren’t working, people would be tweeting about it. Now that it seems Twitter is down, where do we go for the breaking news. I went straight to Google, Clicked on News, clicked on last hour and sorted by date. it was then I realised I wasn’t the only person Twitter wasn’t working for. These guys here had the first posting I came across on the possibility of Twitter not working. Anyone else find the same? It’s not appearing in the feed on my blog, Tweetdeck is blank and I just cannot get into the site. And it’s not as simple as the fail whale either.

Twitter, you have a problem.

Update: found out from Mashable that Twitter has a blog which it updates about problems and yes it is offline:

For the record the Mashable post is here: .

Refugees, yes, TWITTEREFUGEES can chat to me here or go to mashable’s facebook thread on the topic. I’d like if you tried chatting to me though 😉