The power of persuasive advertising

About a week ago, tired of my laptop slowing up and Internet Explorer crashing etc, I decided to do things like Defrag and delete unused programs and realising I only have 15% capacity left, bought an extrenal hard drive. One of the programs I removed was Google Chrome. I like messaging my friends on Gmail chat. I find it a pain in the a$$ to have Chrome and Explorer open. I pressed remove. Great. Only since then everywhere I’ve been seen “Have you got Google Chrome it’s faster”. I don’t have it, haven’t plugged in my externald hard drive yet, and my computer is chugging away worse than ever. So I’ve just downloaded Google Chrome again. And in the course of writing this I’ve realised it is now letting me use Google Chat. Yay!

The beginning

Today, for about the 35th time, I am trying to start a blog. Here we hope to see some regular musings on my new career of choice: web content.